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  • Steps to Renting A Property

    1. Check out our available houses, apartments or commercial listings, or just go ahead and contact us to allow us to better serve you!
    2. If you're interested in a property, let us arrange a walk-through of the property for you. You will also want to fill out a rental application and turn in the $30 application fee. This form can be obtained by printing it off our website or stopping by our office to pick up a copy.
    3. Once you've filled out the rental application and provided us with proof of income and the $30 application fee, we'll have to process you. There may be a few other procedures required such as getting the electric switched to your name, etc.
    4. After the standard routine has been administered, you will need to provide us with all fees associated with the move in process. These include the security deposit, first month's rent, and any pet fees required.
    5. From here on out, we'll take care of all your rental needs. This will include maintenance, receiving rent monies & complaints, and much more!